Anthony Attenborough

Specialised Kinesiologist and Holistic therapist

Anthony has more than 30 years of experience in the holistic field of work and brings to our team great wisdom, knowledge and highly-developed practical application in his many specialities.

Specialised Kinesiology, in brief ,is a technique in alternative therapy used to gain feedback about the state of a person , both that which hinders and that which helps them, by the process of checking and ‘listening’ to a muscle and it’s relative strength and weakness.

Anthony not only addresses the superficial discomforts or pains and problems of a person but works on a deep and profound level helping to unlock deep-seated blockages that may prevent a person from fulfilling their potential whether on a physical, mental or emotional level or a combination of all of these.

Anthony teaches the Bates method and ‘seeing-drawing’ therapy amongst other forms of help he can provide.