Zero Balancing

This is a gentle, yet powerful system of touch developed by Dr Fritz Frederick Smith, a doctor of osteopathy and medicine and also an acupuncturist in Britain and the USA.

Using finger pressure and held stretches, ZB invites the release of tension accumulated in the deep structures of the body. It provides a point of stillness around which the body can relax, giving the opportunity to let go of unease and pain and experience a new level of integration.

The client lies fully clothed on their back on the practitioner’s couch to receive ZB. ZB is a particular form of touch therapy conveying a sense of safeness/security as well as well-being for the client. A clear interface is established between the therapist and the client in which the boundaries of touch and communication are distinct and non-intrusive.

ZB reduces stress in mind and body by promoting an optimal flow of energy through your body. It can relieve pain and induce deep relaxation and harmony as well as to encourage natural realignment and improved posture and help clear obstructions that may prevent one’s ability to adapt to change and progress on a deeper personal level. I often treat specific areas of the body with ZB to aid flow, form and flexibility in a particular exercise a client may be performing or in their whole performance in general.

ZB can stand alone as a unique treatment in itself but is also an holistic enhancement to the other forms of bodywork that I practise.

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