Pilates equipment

My studio consists of the very latest Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformer and tower system, the combo chair and Orbit alongside other equipment such as barrels and arcs, physio balls, foam rollers, small balls, bands weights and kettle bells.

The Reformer is a sophisticated system of springs, straps and pulleys. Clients can sit, kneel, stand or lie on their front, back or side on the gliding platform completing a series of controlled exercises which will establish torso stability and postural alignment. The adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It is an effective stretching and toning workout which is friendly to the joints.

The Tower/ Cadillac was originally devised by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate bedridden patients when he was working as a hospital orderly.Exercises performed on this piece of equipment range from gentle spring-assisted sit-ups to advanced acrobatics and there is something for all ages and abilities. The Tower repertoire of exercises truly challenges the core abdominal muscles, develops spinal flexibility, works the shoulder girdle, strengthens the back and stretches the whole body.

The Wunda/ Combo chair is not necessarily a sit-down workout! While many of the Pilates exercises are performed seated on top and pressing down on the pedal with your feet, others are performed lying on the floor, standing straight up or lunging forward. This apparatus activates the lower back, buttocks, shoulders, abdominals and pelvic region and heightens neuromuscular co-ordination. From a rehabilitation perspective, the Pilates Wunda Chair is particularly effective for stretching and rebalancing muscles that have been strained or injured.

The main large Pilates equipment are based on Joseph Pilates’ original studio equipment and offers a fully integrated system of exercises based on his method.
Equipment can help progress the principles of Pilates and the matwork regime more quickly by offering support and resistance from the adjustable spring system and allows each person to find and enhance their core connection that may be more difficult for some clients to do using the mat sequence alone.
Also, studio equipment offers a larger breadth within each exercise to enable clients of differing abilities to perform at their best, be it a client recovering from injury and requiring slow and controlled movement or an athletic client needing more challenge to their mind and body. Using equipment can be a more authentic and progressive experience.
I offer a fully integrated mix of both equipment and matwork Pilates in each session tailored to my client’s needs alongside other techniques as required.