Personal fitness training

Personal fitness training (PT) is a specific exercise regime and instruction given to an individual client to motivate them and help them improve their level of fitness to meet certain agreed fitness goals (discussed with their trainer) according to their age, ability, injury status and medical history.

PT may involve some cardiovascular training such as running, walking, cycling, rowing, swimming, for example, to improve the stamina and strength of an individual and to improve heart and lung conditioning.

Weight training and body conditioning may also be included in the regime to target specific areas of the body to improve strength, stamina and definement alongside flexibility exercises and balance and co-ordination drills.

PT should be designed by an accomplished trainer to be fun, motivating, safe and effective. Specific exercise planning can result in improved body composition, physical performance and can improve medical conditions such as high or low blood pressure, diabetes and heart conditions, for example. It can also improve an individual’s sense of positivity and well-being.