Exercise for the older person and rehabilitation exercise

Inactivity is the major risk in old age so USE IT OR LOSE IT! Exercise for the older person is important to enable a better quality of life with less likelihood of losing muscle power, tendon strength and the economy of the cardiovascular system.

Exercises are tailored to the individual’s age, ability and need to enhance their strength, co-ordination, agility, balance, flexibility and speed. These exercises are specific to accommodate the anatomical and physiological changes brought about by the ageing process.

Prescribed exercises and their effect can help the client function better in their daily lives and improve their quality of life.

Rehabilitation entails the gentle structured guidance offered by specific exercises geared to a specific injury or post-operative state to enable rejuvenation of form and function as quickly and gently as possible.

I have worked with people recovering from operations or stroke and also those with general age-related pathologies such as arthritis and osteoporosis.