Lizzie Redding

Yoga Teacher

I live in Wimbledon and at the age of 36, went to my first yoga class. Inspired by the benefits of improved physical strength and flexibility and a taste of the peace and calm yoga provides, I completed the Sivananda Teacher Training Course in 2002, one of the leading schools of yoga in India and then the British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2006. Surya Namaskara became my favourite daily practice.

I teach classic yoga and am particularly interested in working on an individual basis, modifying postures to suit their personal needs. The Chakras, mantras and yantras are used in my teaching as a point of spiritual concentration, as well as bringing health benefits and a boost to the whole system.

Now, at 50, nothing has changed for me. Surya Namaskara is still my favourite practice. It is composed of three elements: form, energy and rhythm. The twelve asanas performed in a rhythmic sequence, reflect the rhythms of the universe and the biorhythms of the body and brings a transforming force which produces a fuller and more dynamic life. It is a real boon for any age or ability.

I am very interested in the therapeutic aspects of yoga and much of my on-going training reflects this, including the study of Yoga Nidra, a form of deep relaxation (yoga sleep) beneficial to people of all ages and abilities. It can be used as an antidote to stress and insomnia, to manifest personal goals, to improve the immune system and more. My understanding and enthusiasm for Yoga and all its beneficial aspects is further enhanced by my regular and frequent trips to India, where I study with local Swami’s.